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Toll? ? Didn’t we agree that Transandalus offered all its contents for free? Don’t worry, by “toll” we mean the consideration we ask the travelers for once they finish their transandaluser day’s run.

We work on this for free, and free is what we offer to all the travalers. We only ask the travelers to tell us how their trip was by writing in our forum(1) and including pictures as well(2).

This way we’ll know how their trip was, they will make us green with envy, we will know them a bit more, next travelers will benefit from that experience,…

(1) Problems with the forum: since the change of server in January 2011 there are sometimes problems to send a post to the forum. If the message “Your session has expired” appears, copy the text of the post and try to create another post and paste the text from the address

(2) Images: our forum, like most of the forums, to avoid saturating the server and decreasing the speed, limits the number of pictures in each post (four) and the size of every file (500k). Images can be inserted by clicking the option “Additional options”, below the post’s text box.

We recommend, as the best option, to upload the pictures to any of the free internet galleries like Picasaweb or Flickr and afterwards write the link to the album of the trip in our forum.
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